Oops! instant stain remover

Accidents happen…

With Oops !, instantly eliminate stains and go on with your day. Its unique formula, the most powerful on the market, attacks and instantly eliminates spots of wine, ink, grease, blood, food, sauce, coffee, lipstick and other cosmetics etc.  Fabrics will return to their initial appearance: nothing will show! Thanks to its vaporizer and brush, the bottle makes it possible to perfectly apply the patented powerful solution, which penetrates the fabric and instantly dissolves the stain. Simply spray to release the stain remover and gently brush the stain in a circular motion using the brush cap. Rinse and it’s done: the spot is gone!

Convenient at home, at work and even in the car…

Unlike other brands, Oops! virtually eliminates all stains, whether recent or old, liquid or solid. Oops! is efficient, easy to use, easy to store and costs four times less than the leading brand.

Oops! Can be used either as an instant stain remover or as a pretreatment for laundry detergent.

Spray and brush

ITS UNIQUE “BRUSH-CAP” quickly removes any type of stains on clothes, carpets or any kind of fabric, in an instant.

Works Perfectly on most fabrics.


No phosphate or chlorine.


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Oops! Stain Remover

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