Instantly removes most stains!
Works perfectly on most fabrics.
No phosphate or chlorine.


The unique Soft Brush helps remove the toughest stains!

Spray and brush.

ITS UNIQUE ”BRUSH-CAP” quickly removes any type of stains on clothes, carpets, or any kind of fabric, in an instant. IDEAL BOTTLE SIZE: Oops! CAN BE USED ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.
Its special patented formula makes it a unique powerful product, useful to instantly remove stains such as wine, ink, grease, blood, food, sauces, coffee, cosmetics, and more; be they fresh stains or stains which have been there for some time.

Directions for use.

1. Place clean paper towel under the stain.
2. Remove the brush cap.
3. Spray generously on the stain
4. Replace the brush cap on the bootle.
5. Using the cap, brush delicately over the stain until disappears.
6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 as necessary.
7. Rinse with clear water & wipe with dry cloth.

Multi-Purpose Instant Stain Remover.

Accidents happen…

With Oops! You eliminate stains on the spot so you can go on with your day. Its unique formula makes it the most powerful stain remover on the market. It instantly attacks and breaks down stains caused by wine, ink, grease, blood, food, sauces, coffee, lipstick and other cosmetics, just to name a few. It restores the fabric to its original state – perfect. Designed with a unique “brush-cap”, the bristles work in tandem with the powerful patented solution to breakdown, lift and dissolve the stain instantly. You simply spray the cleanser and gently massage using the brush-cap in a circular motion over the stain. Rinse and Presto! – the stain is gone.

Ideal to have at home, work or even in the car…

Oops! comes in a 45 ml format, compared to another leading brand which is only 10 ml. Unlike other brands, Oops! unique formula takes away almost all stains fresh or not, liquid or not. Easy to use, easy to store and very effective, Oops! is four times cheaper than another leading brand.

Oops! may either be used as an instant stain remover or as a laundry pretreatment.

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