Q: What differentiates Oops! from other stain removers on the market?
A: First and above all, it is the unique formulation; we pride ourselves on having created a most effective recipe that eliminates the most stubborn stains, such as blood and fat, without damaging fabrics. Then, Oops! is very versatile. Unlike most other products, it can be used either as an instant spot remover or as a laundry pre-treatment, and it is a compact and portable product. Also, the combination of spray applicator and brush-cap to help dislodge stubborn stains make it a great ally in the laundry room and on the go.

Q: What kind of stains can Oops! work on?
A: Oops! can instantly remove most stains such as grease, oil, blood, grass & dirt, lipstick, ink, food, coffee & other beverages.
Q: So will Oops! work on any stain?
A: Older stains may require more than one application and may stain the fabric permanently. Certain stains like rust, dried paint, permanent ink or bleach damage may be impossible to remove by any stain remover. For best results, use on fresh and unwashed fabrics.
Q: Is Oops! safe for all fabrics?
A: Yes, although we suggest to always test Oops! on a non-apparent area, then let dry and verify color stability. Do not use if color is affected.
Q: How many applications in one bottle of Oops!?
A: It depends on the size and nature of the stains.  But with a generous 45 ml (compared to 10 ml of the leading brand), Oops! is a great value!
Q: Is Oops! environmentally friendly?
A: Oops is biodegradable and does not contain phosphate or chlorine.

Important: Always test Oops! on a non-apparent area. Let dry and verify color stability. Do not use if color is affected.